About Mari

Home-Based • Hand-Crafted • Classic Styles Since 1977

Mari Dembrow began Mari Sweaters 30 years ago, in 1977, in Eugene Oregon. She sold hand-knitted sweaters to a local clientele. Over the years, as the business grew, Mari purchased hand-operated Italian knitting looms, and sales expanded. Eventually, her sweaters sold through a large national catalogue, which used Mari Sweaters as an emblem of their commitment to the highest quality, home-based, designer products. The specialty of Mari Sweaters became special orders – the design of patterns for individuals who do not fit into the standard sizes. Over the years, Mari filed away hundreds of special order patterns.

In 1986, Mari published a knitting and crochet book on pattern design: Better Sweaters: The Step By Step Guide to Drafting Your Own Patterns.

In 2002, Mari launched a pattern business, offering the same design styling for hand-knits that made the loomed sweater business a success. The overarching philosophy of the designs has been and remains a focus on classically styled, tailored knitwear. Its hallmarks are good structure and good fit, with firmly knitted stitches (using smaller than usual needles) to ensure a longer-lasting product.

Mari's sizeable pattern collection contains an amazing variety for both beginning and experienced knitters.

A Mari Sweater fits and it flatters.